Understanding Your Cost of Doing Business
For The Collision Repair Industry LIVE

This One - Three Hour program is designed to provide the collision repair industry a better understanding of their cost of doing business and how to properly set labor rates and analyzing your profitability. The program will use QuickBooks reporting as the basis, but the principles can be applied with any accounting system. 


How often have you heard someone say, "We don't pay for that because it is a cost of doing business"?

This program will:

  • Demonstrate how to determine your actual cost of doing business and how to determine your labor rates accordingly.
  • What financial numbers are key to running your business, and what they mean.
  • How to get your accounting system setup properly to get the financial information your need to run your business.
  • Why monthly closing your books is critical for accurate reporting

This program is adjusted based on time limit for the event.

Each main section is 1 hour in length:

  • Understanding Cost of Doing Business and Calculating Labor Rates
  • Understanding Financial KPIs's and What They Mean
  • Getting Your Accounting System and Processes Setup to Get the Correct Information.

Who Should Attend ?
Collision business owners, managers, and bookkeepers should attend.


Course Information
  • Course Id:QKBKS-CR-UCDB-03L
  • Credit:2 - 6 AMI Credits
  • Days:
    This Program can be scheduled in your area for any day of the week.
  • Timings:Trade Shows or Evenings
Tony Passwater

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