QuickBooks for the Collision Industry … The Bookkeeper’s Perspective ONLINE

This ONLINE Program is unique in design and effectiveness compared to standard online training. This program includes not only Multimedia Learning Modules, but Individual Hands‐on Activities with Learning Validation.

This the most comprehensive QuickBooks online training program ever offered specifically for the collision repair industry that you don't have to travel to complete.

As with the Live Version this program includes all bookkeeping transaction training modules from the beginning to advanced:

  • Proper QuickBooks Workflow Setup
  • Proper Chart of Accounts Setup and Usage
  • Accounts Payable – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Account Receivables – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Adjustments– From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Banking and Credit Cards – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Overview of Month End & Year End Closing (Complete Process in Advanced One Day Program)
  • Reporting, Exporting, and Benchmarking

During this ONLINE program attendees will each be assigned a remote access to our computer workstations with QuickBooks Desktop, Collision Industry Specific Company File, interactive hands‐on transaction training, and a comprehensive course workbook. During each module, there will be both manual transaction entry and management system importing examples to test
your learning.

Who Should Attend ?
This program is intended for the company’s bookkeeper, comptroller, or one that wishes to learn the proper processes in QuickBooks to perform bookkeeping specifically designed for the Collision Industry...

This program is for QuickBooks Desktop Users including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions. It is NOT designed for QuickBooks Online Users.

This program will include examples utilizing a 3rd party management system as well as ones without a 3rd party management system.

Upon successful completion of the program and passing the module review questions attendees will receive credits from Automotive Management Institute (AMI) and a Certification of Collision Industry Bookkeeping Excellence Certificate.

This Program is Scheduled for Availability Quarter 2, 2021.


QuickBooks for the Collision Industry … The Bookkeeper’s Perspective ONLINE
Course Information
  • Course Id: QKBKS-CR-BKP-OL
  • Credit: 32 AMI Credits
  • Days: The Course will be available 24/7, but the workstation hands-on may have additional limitations.
Tony Passwater

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