The Collision Industry
How Did We Get Where We Are Today ?

There is no doubt that the business environment we are facing today is the most challenging our Industry has ever faced.

Not just that technology is out pacing us, but the intervention of the insurance industry directly in our businesses are destroying the industry.

Ever wonder how we got where we are today ?

This 2 hour presentation provides great insight what has transpired over the 60 years, and what changes our industry needs to make to just survive the near future.

It is advised that an additional 30 minutes – 1 hour be available after the presentation for group questioning and discussions.

Great program for Trade Shows, Evening Meetings, and National Events.

Course Information
  • Course Id:CI - BF - 100L
  • Credit:4 AMI Credits
  • Days:
    This Program can be scheduled in your area for any day of the week.
  • Timings:Will Vary.
Tony Passwater

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