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Blank Check Stock – Quantity 10,000


Blank Three Panel Check Stock. Quantity 10,000.

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Our check stock is top quality 24-pound check stock designed to make check printing safe, easy, and secure. This check stock is designed to be used with PrintBoss using the standard form files that are distributed with the software packages. Page perforations and check background colors fit exactly with the files distributed with PrintBoss so that checks can be printed within minutes of installing the software.

Check Stock - Security Features

1. Toner Grip Paper
All Wellspring Software check stock is Toner Grip paper because writing a check should never expose your money to easy fraud. Toner Grip paper chemically bonds the laser toner to the paper so that any modification of characters printed on the paper requires the actual paper fibers to be ripped away. This feature combined with the background patterns printed on the check stock make any attempt to alter information printed on a check much more noticeable. Because of our commitment to quality and security we provide only Toner Grip check stock for all of
our checks.

2. Rainbow Background
A special printing process is required to produce the two-color background. This background is very difficult to copy using a color copy machine.

3. Micro Printing
The line creating the border of the check is actually printed words: “Wellspring Software”. This printing is too small to be copied on a photocopy machine and it is referenced on the front of the check with a security-feature warning message.

4. Artificial Watermark
On the back of the check is an artificial watermark, which can be viewed when held at an angle. Warning clauses are printed on the front and back of the check that reference this feature.

5. Endorsement Box
On the back of the check there is an endorsement box that provides an area for endorsement information as well as an area for security feature warnings.

6. Florescent Fibers
The check paper has florescent fibers that are embedded into the paper. Holding the paper under an ultraviolet light will cause the fibers to glow. Warning clauses for this feature are printed on the face of the check.

7. Chemical Detection
Check paper has a built-in alteration detection system that presents a color signal if chemicals are used to alter the check.


We also highly recommend the HP Laserjet Enterprise P3015x Printer as a dedicated Check and Deposit Printer for your office. Check it out at: Shop.aeii.net 

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